'Baarle' is no more, it is an ex-workshop, it has ceased to be, it has gone to meet it's maker....
If you know of any reasonable place, please inform us.
Workshop 2009-2010
As it seems right now, Januari 2009, the workshop in Baarle will have to move in spring 2010, so we plan on a last Make-Your-Own-Ger-workshop there, to start in september/oktober 2009.
Email for more info.

Workshop 2007-2008:
September 1 is set as the 'official' start of the next workshop 'make your own ger'.
Projected finish is around April 1, 2008.
Work will be done in the workshop in Baarle-Nassau, mainly fridays-saturday-sundays, with thursday as extra.
We still have space for one or two more students/gers.
For details of price/time/materials etc, pls contact via email.
For as long as Nooitmeerhaast exists, we have been doing "workshops', i.e. making your own Ger guided by the help and knowledge of people who had/have done it before.
Of course, a Ger can be made by any skilled worker, providing you have time, patience, a workplace, and money. Actually, Nooitmeerhaast is the result of the workshop, 1999-2000, when Maarten and Froit first met.
All ger up to nr. 16 were made in workshop-fashion, where more experienced 'teachers' and 'students' worked together to mutual benefit.
Workshops lastet from December through May, when the rental-season started.
The workplace in Amsterdam-ADM was then taken apart, and stored, to be re-set-up after the renting-season came to an end. Slowly the workplace became pretty professional, and re-building it every winter was a good lesson in how to do it better, more efficient, safer.
As the rental-activities grew, the workplace-ADM became too small to house a new student-group, with their added piles of wood, felts and canvas, so we started to look for a new place.
For the 'workshop' of 2002/2003 a new place was found, more centrally located in Veenendaal, central Holland, and we moved most of the machinery for the first time. It was good practice to start on virgin ground, and set up shop in as short a time as possible. Veenendaal was the first workshop with Internet-acces, which became such an important part of Nooitmeerhaast-the Ger-knowledge-project. In Veenedaal we made 6 Ger, before we had to give that place up again, in order to move to Udenhout, the 'Steenfabriek".
Steenfabriek Udenhout was the first building specifically squatted for building Ger.
(Mind you, if done according to the rules (the law), squatting an empty building is totally legal in Holland).
In the Steenfabriek another 6 0r 7 Ger were made, before we were (wrongfully) evicted from there.
Below is some older, partly outdated information, but I leave it there to show how we are still, after ten years, searching for the right form to make as many wishes as possible come true...

The workshop/place in Udenhout had become totally independant of the still-existing Amsterdam-ADM-rental place, and so the 'workshop' which begun there had no incentive to end at any specific time. We gave up the idea of starting all together, and finishing a 'workshop' all at the same time.
People and their projects begin when possible, and take the time needed. All students have their own private schedules to count with, and there are too many unknown factors in LIFE (once you begin to really make your own Ger) to be pinned down on a specific date to finish it.
It is maybe hard to believe, but 30 Ger's experience shows: As soon as you really make the decision to make your own Ger, (put down some money, cut the first wood) your private life becomes a rollercoaster of events totally unforeseen.
Our latest endeavour is "het Grensgeval', or 'the borderline-case', hugging the Belgian border. Located in Baarle-Nassau, Noord-Brabant, it is a strong statement of independence of states, governements etc.
In Baarle the workshops continue, on a continuous basis, i.e start when you can, and then we'll see.
Allthough 'Baarle' is the nicest workplace so far, and quite big, as well as very well equipped for accomodating multiple students at the same time, there is not unlimited place, so please do not jump to soon...

At the moment of writing this (20/10/2006) we have 6 students working at their dream, and a small cue of hopefulls...
mation about workshop-possibilities, email NMH, or,
for visits call Daniel xxxxxxxxxxxx



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