4-wall standard ger
More pics of 4-wall Ger
4-wall Ger are the old Mongolian 'standard', and perfect for a small family to live in.
For meetings it can hold up to 20 people seated, and about 4-6 can comfortably sleep in it.
Standard 4-wall Ger tech-sheet.

Diameter on the gound 5.2 mtr.
Height of wall 1.60 mtr
Centre-height 2.30 mtr.
Covering layers Cotton-wool-canvas-cover
Roofsticks (Un) 32x32 mm, 66 pieces.
Diameter Tonoo 1.20 mtr
Doorframe 110 wide, 165 high.
Wall-slats min 16x26 mm, 12 crossings.
Standard stove 35cmØ
Weight without stones 200 Kg approx.
Standard with three stones for the `Urgh, and one inside, the motherstone.
Fire-proof certificates on felt and canvas.
Pitching time min. 30 min, max 60 min.