What does 'Nooitmeerhaast' mean?
In English it is like 'never more hurry',
auf Deutsch es ist wie 'Eile mit Weile', oder 'Nie wieder Eile,
en Francais c'est comme 'plus jamais encore pressé',
en Castillano es como 'nunca mas de prisa',
Mongoloor 'Aimargui'.

Short history of nooitmeerhaast
1996- Froit gets drawings and patent in Mongolia
1997-First five-wall standard ger built and inhabited continiously
1998-Saving up materials for 4-wall
1999-Froit, Tamara and Maarten build 4-,5-, and 6- wall gers
2000-Peter, Gabriel,and F/T/M build 6- and 4-wall, and mamager
2001-Arjan, Menno/Manon and G/F/T/M build 4-,5-wall, four door theatre and little Temple
2002-Suzanne, Marlies, Bernadet, Fons, Nancy, Martin (where would we have been without Martin) and F/T/M build Palace, Castle, Church, one 5- and two 4-wall ger. Froit goes to Mongolia to find out more....
2003/2004-Nooitmeerhaast is building 4-5 Ger in Holland: Loes/Jeroen, Harm/Marieke, Erx , Moniek, Martin (of course), F/M and Bernadette build 6 or 7 Ger in a new workshop in Veenendaal, M built 1 in France and Bernard is busy in Frankfurt. Summer Rentals become a 24-hour job.
Mongolian Embassy declares our Ger 'best built in the world'.
Permission to publish book about original Ger
The Real Mongol Ger-Book gets written.
2004/2005 Nooitmeerhaast sets up new workshop for Erx, Daniel and Peter to build Ger separate of rental-business.
Nancy and Maarten start on experimental 3-wall-Kirgiz
Nooitmeerhaast celebrates first Lustrum with 17 Ger pitched on one field!!
In the midst of a very busy rental-season, the first books get ordered and printed.
2005/2006: The workshop has to move again in mid-winter, this time to 'Het Grensgeval', in Baarle-Nassau.
Daniel, Ingrid, Lisa-Riemke, Tuur and Matijn get their gers done, and we make two for sale, Ruud-en-Tiny, and Buurtboerderij.
Froit is sent off to Mongolia to offer a copy of the Book to the Mongolian National Library, amongst other things.
2006- Nooitmeerhaast orders the first container of Ger from Ger-Tereg.