quality standards/definitions:
'Nooitmeerhaast' has for the past ten years strived to build the best Ger in the world, strong, weatherproof, fireproof, durable.
Now, as the competition in the Ger-business in 'the West' slowly grows, from Imported-from-Mongolia, as well as from Made-in-Europe Ger, we see no reason to change our Policy.
Some of our ideas and inventions get picked up by others, some even stolen. Being the first has it's price
Let others be the biggest, or cheapest, we will continue to search for excellence and inherent Quality.
-Living-ger are designed along (modified-)standards of mongolian wood factory no.2, which means sizes, number of un, style of door and wheel.
-All khana are equal and interchangeable, have 15 head(big) or 12 head(small).
(exept for kitchen khana, which is half a spacing shorter).
-Each khana-slat has 12 crossings with other slats, of which 9 are tied.
-Khana lean about 10% inward.
-Un are 210cm x 32mmØ, 245cm x 38mmØ, or 300cm x 48mmØ.
-Han-slats are at least half the strenth of the un that it supports.
-Un are square on their tops, and round on the bottom, and fixed to khana with 'bridles'.
-Wheels are 120, 150 or 175 mtr diam.
-Wheels have 66, 81 or 98 holes.(Big), or 54, 66 or 80 (small)
-Unuk divide the wheel in 8, 8/10 or 10.
-Doorframes are all 155mtr high, and 100, 130 (with small panel) or 160 (with big panel) wide.
-Top lintel may be straight or elevated to a curve.
Doorframes support 6 or 8 un, in notches.
-All ger have one buss on the inside, two crossings below the top of khanaa, and three buss on the outside.
-All ger consist of frame, coverings and stove/stovepipe.
-Covers consist of white inner liner, felt and/or blankets in one layer, canvas and sun-cover and Urgh.
Felt and canvas are made in manageable pieces, to facilitate pitching.
Waterproof connection between canvas and Tonoo is achieved
through Nooitmeerhaast patented skirt.
-Wood-joints are made without metal fasteners, to traditional design, and glued/pegged with the best glue available.
-All ropes and buss are of rot-resistant plastics, Polypropylen, or Nylon.
-No tent-pegs are used, ever.
-All living-ger can be pitched within the hour.
-All ger will be delivered, always, with stove and pipe
-Our Ger are delivered with fire-proofing certificates.