General info

Mongolian GER, also known as YURT, are probably the most comfortable and versatile tents ever invented.
Round, spacious, well insulated and ventilated, with a skylight and sturdy door.
Strong enough for rains, storms, wintery cold and summer heat.
Quick to pitch and move, if necessary as a whole.
No guy ropes, no pins.
Tents made for living, all year round, in all seasons, allover the world.
Also very fit for all kinds of meetings, receptions, rituals and all other gatherings where comfort and intimacy are important.

Ger/Yurts have been built in central Asia for more than three millenia, with minimal differences in construction, mostly due to locally available materials. Since Ger have allways been made for a roving existence, they are generally fit for many different climates.
Many of the different original Ger/Yurts are still in use, allthough due the availability of modern means of transport the differences seem to get smaller.

To find out what possibilities we have to adapt Ger/Yurts to our modern western standards of using as a home, we have done some in-depth study of what was allready invented before.
The more striking aspects of this I combined in a download-book, called (for the moment) Ger-Info-Book

Nooitmeerhaast-Ger are by there size (4-wall, 5-wall, 6-wall), and construction identical to their Mongolian originals, as still in use today.
We call this our COMPANY POLICY

Nooitmeerhaast built and rents, apart from original Mongolian Ger, also big Yurts, 8 and 9 meter diameter, built after Mongolian and also Kirgiz principles, but with different dimensions: Mamager, Palace, Castle.